About the Bassetts

Stanley Stuart Bassett, Sr. and Faith Elizabeth Warner were married on January 26, 1962. From that point on, they have been dedicated parents and grandparents, and constant examples of hard work and commitment to family. Born in a time when deafness was less understood, they nevertheless seized every opportunity they had and didn’t hesitate to sacrifice for the well-being of their children and grandchildren. Stanley passed away on June 11, 2017. Their influence is woven throughout our family and has opened doors for us that we could not have opened ourselves. We want that influence to continue to spread to others through education.

About You

Stanley & Faith Bassett Scholars are high-performing, driven students with big plans and a passion for learning. Eligible applicants must be:

  • - High school seniors or recent graduates
  • - Planning to pursue higher education at either an accredited undergraduate university or an approved alternative institution (trade school, apprenticeship, etc.)
  • - Deaf or hard-of-hearing (severe to profound hearing loss)